Sermon Resources


Feb 4 2018

Life Transformation Group

 Life Transformation Groups, (LTG) are Bible-Based weekly groups of 2-4 people that meet anywhere, anytime. LTG’s mission, is to deepen our passion for experiencing Jesus through Scripture that will overflow into others. LTG members are not required to be a member of LifeBridge. We encourage reaching out to others outside of LifeBridge. (neighbors, family, friends co-workers) LTG is simple, yet very powerful for personal spiritual growth and the reproduction of disciples. 


Dec 31 2017

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Typical of many other serious young men of his day, the young Jonathan Edwards drew up a list of resolutions, committing himself to a God-centered life lived in harmony with others. The list, excerpted here, was probably first written down in 1722 and added to at several times in his lifetime. There are seventy resolutions in all. The excerpts here give a picture of the seriousness and resolve with which Edwards approached life.


Summer 2017

Relational Needs Assessment

Have you taken the Relational Needs Assessment yet? In less than 10 minutes, find out what your top 3 Relational Needs are!