MONDAYS 6:15PM-8PM|| Co- Ed Group - All Ages || Host: The Carbons || 2613 San Marcus Dr., Deer Park Tx 77536 || Childcare Provided

MONDAYS 6:15PM-8PM|| Young Adults & Young Families || Host: The Harrington’s || Starting Back April 22nd || No Childcare

WEDNESDAYS 6:15PM-8PM|| Co- ed Group - All Ages || Host: The Weinberger’s || 2302 Kilkenny Dr., Deer Park, TX, 77536 || No childcare

WEDNESDAYS 6:15PM-8PM|| 6th grade - College || Host: TeenLife || @ Pastor Bick’s house || 110 W. Vaughn Ln., Deer Park, TX 77536

THURSDAYS 6:30PM-8PM|| Co- Ed Group - All Ages || 2731 Lilac St, Pasadena, Tx 77503|| No Childcare

Connecting with each other on a life level (not just a church level) is essential for spiritual growth.

The purpose of LifeGroups is building relationships and promoting spiritual growth. Throughout the history of the Lord’s Churches, small groups have played a vital role in sharing the message and life of Jesus Christ. LifeGroups have changed many lives and give the closeness of a well knitted community.

LifeGroups are all about friends, encouragement, prayer and the study of God’s Word! In a LifeGroup you can take a break from the busy demands of everyday life and invest in what is really important: your relationship with God and your relationship with the people around you. Our groups are led by specially trained facilitators and hosts.

Things happen in small groups that don’t happen in big groups. The Bible gives us many examples of how peoples’ lives were changed when they met in small groups. The same happens today as we hear of how LifeGroups have provided friendship, support, encouragement and an opportunity for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.